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EVENT: Everybody Dyes

Led by textile artist Christi Johnson owner at Mixed Color & Stitch Wish

Christi will be making and preparing an indigo vat for us to dye our own items. She will be bringing dyes and mordants in pre-measured amounts so people can buy the dyes directly and affordably. In addition to, a self published beautiful and instructional zines.

Pricing will be $20 per piece to be dyed, for up to 4 dips - limited to smaller items like shirts, lightweight dresses, and pillowcases (dyes are done by the weight of an item, so dyeing heavy items like blankets / curtains / coats / sweaters / jeans would absorb the dyes from the entire dye-bath!) only natural fibers can be used with natural dyes, so limited to silk, wool, linen, and cotton. 

45 N Front St Kingston NY 12401

Saturday, May 11 11:30-2:30pm

no registration necessary - just come, bring your items to dye and dye with us.

Indigo has been used by many different cultures for its rich, intense blue. The plant pigment itself will not dye fabric permanently, it must be prepared in a special solution known as a vat. 

Christi Johnson